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What Is Minecraft?

Originally the creation of Markus Persson, the game was developed by Mojang. Its first full PC version was released in November, 2011. There are also versions available for Android, iOS and Xbox 360, all of them being constantly improved and updated by the developer.

You should know that, if you decide to click the Minecraft download button, you will get a game with impressive reviews and with lots of awards, five of them from the Game Developers Conference in 2011 (including a Best Downloadable Game Award) and the Golden Joystick, in 2012.

More than 30 million copies were sold worldwide.

Basically, Minecraft is sandbox game, with no specific goals, allowing an astonishing freedom of play.

The whole game is simply about placing or breaking blocks made of different materials in a 3D, cubic world.


You usually play in first person mode and you have the possibility of wandering across the map, mining or gathering blocks and placing them wherever you wish to, in order to build various structures.

If that does not convince you to play Minecraft, download it and you will see that it becomes an addiction! While mining and building might sound boring, there are many other things you can do.

Exploration, crafting, hunting and fighting are just few of them. The terrain is also extremely varied, with mountains, water, forests or caves, organized into biomes, covering all possible varieties, from jungles to polar areas. There is also a day-night cycle (20 real minutes per “day”).

One of the greatest features of the Minecraft world are its unique characters (called “mobs”), including villagers, animals that you can hunt during daytime for food and other materials and, of course, hostile mobs, like zombies, skeletons and huge spiders, that lurk in the dark. Some of the mobs have unique abilities, such as teleportation or self-detonation.

Apart from this world, there are two additional dimensions: the Nether (a hell-like world) and the End, the realm of the Ender Dragon.

After completing the Minecraft download, you will get immersed in this amazing world. How to explore it? Well, the game primarily uses the following keyboard commands:

  • W – moving forward;
  • S – moving backward;
  • A – moving left;
  • D – moving right;
  • Spacebar – jumping;
  • Shift – holding blocks, descending ladders;

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While the Minecraft world is basically open, there are, of course some limits, when it comes to moving around or vertically ascending and descending.

Do not forget to eat, in order to get your energy, and seek shelter from bad mobs!

The only thing standing between you and this amazing adventure is the Minecraft download button and the game mode choice, because Minecraft allows you to choose from several playing modes.

Game Modes

Here are the available modes:

  • Creative. This is the “peaceful” mode. You simply build and demolish your structures and do whatever you want, together with other players. The mode does not allow conflicts among players, there are no hostile mobs, no special need to feed yourself (since your character does not suffer from hunger) and no way to get killed. When you get bored, just let yourself fall into the void and you will exit the game.
  • Survival. Combat with other players or non-player monsters, hunger and various ways to lose your life are the characteristics that make this mode the most appreciated by players. It is a realistic and immersive world that will captivate you. Just take advantage of the totally free Minecraft download option and enjoy the survival game!
  • Hardcore. For dedicated and experienced players, this is a version of “Survival”, with the toughest gameplay settings. When your character dies, your world is automatically deleted.
  • Adventure. Another version of the “Survival” mode, with no blocks to build or demolish, it lets you explore, hunt and fight.

In addition to these modes, the game has four difficulty degrees to choose from. The easiest level means that no hostile mobs spawn. The hardest level requests that you really fight for your life.


Besides the Minecraft download, you also have the opportunity to share the joy of the game with your friends, through multiplayer gaming. It is a huge world that can host lots of players. Just find some Minecraft servers and play online! Some servers offer you unique competitions, including PvP or Hunger Games-like settings.

Getting the Game

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